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How to increase font size on computer? ​Click View, select Zoom, and then click either Zoom In Ctrl ++ or Zoom Out Ctrl +- to increase or decrease the text size. Note: To reset the font setting back to itsdefault size, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then tap the number 0. 2. In the upper right, click the Wrench icon and then click Options. While you are working on your desktop you think to change the size of texts. Many users might want to see the text and icon clearer than earlier due to vision concern and other could look for the big space on the screen excluding the icons.

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you can increase the size of text through software, without having to sacrifice that high-definition resolution. You have a few ways to accomplish this, but here are the easiest methods in several popular Web browsers and operating systems. The zoom controls allow you to increase or decrease either the size of a whole web page or just the size of all the text in order to improve readability. 1-800-916-8438 Change Font Size Phone Number offered the best tech support in world-wide. The best helpline number with quickest path to a real human being. 800ContactSupportNumber helps you in understanding the use of Facebook and solves any queries that come in the way of managing your account.

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You can change the font size for all text or just selected text in desktop Excel, PowerPoint, or Word. Quickly change font size and style with the formatting options.

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